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  • Project Management at Grass Root Levels – engaging Human resour...

    Description: Large projects if broken down into smaller tasks and treated like mini projects can bring benefits in totality. This not only supports in managing the entire project better but also h...

  • Project Managers – Going from fragile to Agile

    Description: Traditionally the project managers are tagged to the "Same size fit all" methodology, thereby still using the standard set of processes without realizing applicability to the unique endea...


  • Change Control Plan

    The intent of the Change Control Plan is to define the processes for requesting, evaluating, deciding and tracking possible changes to the project scope and all related activities and deliverables. ...Read more

  • Project Kickoff Presentation

    A template for the project kickoff presentation to make your project start off without any difficulties and making sure all important points are discussed. Download the Template Here

  • Communications Strategy Plan

    A template for Communications Strategy Plan, to save you time and effort. Just fill in your information and the is plan is ready. Download the Template Here

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Metrics as a Measure of Software Quality

Metrics as a Measure of Software Quality

In the world of software products today, the awareness of having a useful product is catching on...
Project Scope Management

Project Scope Management

From a project management perspective, project scope is more work-oriented, and product scope is more oriented towards...
Claim Management

Claim Management

Many claims remain unresolved. But with proper Project Management Techniques and General Management...