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Free Sample Exam Questions (10 Questions)

Being assigned as a project manager, you noticed during project execution that conflicts arise in the team on both technical and interpersonal levels. What is an appropriate way of handling conflicts?

What is the purpose of a project charter?

The concept of (the) _________ states that changes related to one requirement—scope, time, or cost—will at least influence one other element

Your organization is considering to run a project which will entail an investment of $1,000,000. The product from the project is forecasted to create revenues of $250,000 in the first year after the end of the project and of $420,000 in each of the two following years. What is true for the net present value of the project over the three years cycle at a discount rate of 10%?4

What does the term best practice often refer to?

The communications management plan is a document which includes descriptions of

_________ are usually not a manifestation of unique organizational cultures and styles.7

Which of the following is generally not regarded as an element of active listening?8

As the project manager, you decided to arrange a team meeting to identify and analyze lessons learned from quality control with stakeholders. What should you do with them?

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Free Sample Exam Questions (10 Questions)

How should change management be planned for?

According to Bruce Tuckman, what are the stages of team development?

What is not a reason for companies to organize lessons learned?

How does a project management team stay in touch with the work and the attitudes of project team members?

Which document is developed along the risk management processes from identify risks through plan and implement risk responses to monitor risks?

A facilitator should…

As the project manager in a software project which is currently initiated, you want to assess high-level risks. What should you do?

In most jurisdictions, a legally required order of formal statements establishing a contract is:

What should managers consider before conducting a performance evaluation interview with a project team member?

Which statement describes best handling of assumptions during the initiating processes?

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PMP Sample 50 Questions

Which of the following is not part of the Project Management Plan?

You are hired as a project manager on a project when it is in planning phase. After joining, you realize Project Charter was never created. What will you do?

Benefits Management Plan is not…

Which of the following set is output to Direct & Manage Project Work?

Description of why your company is trying to implement the project is in,

I came across a change that will impact the triple constraints. What should I do?

Which of the following is an example of Product scope change.

Which of the following are tools to Define Scope?

Work Breakdown Structure is:

What is the correct sequence for deliverables?

What are the impacts of crashing a project?

An activity is preponed and started in parallel to the dependent activity to bring the project on track that is already lagging behind schedule. This is an example of:

Arrange in order of which effort estimation technique needs more time from less to more.

What is Critical Chain Method?

You are managing a pharma project. Your team estimated the work to be of 28 weeks. It could be reduced by 4 weeks because you have the option of using skilled labor and reusing a previous work plan. But supply delay can cause the project to delay by 10 weeks. What is the three point estimate for this project?

Project Manager realizes that the SPI of the project is 0.9 and CPI is 1.01. Which of the following is true?

Which of the following statement is not correct?

You are reporting your project performance to senior management. The metrics reported are CPI: 1.03, SPI: 1.01, CV= $800, SV = $200, TCPI = 0.97. What can you infer using this data?

Which of the following are tools and techniques for Develop Budget?

Cost Variance is calculated

Grade can be defined in terms of

You are a Project Manager in an IT firm. You set up design walkthroughs to find issues proactively as early in the process as you can. Which process you are in?

Which of the following are tools and techniques used in Manage Quality process?

Run Charts are used for?

Which is true about Control Charts?

Which of the following statements are true?

McGregors Organizational Theory talks about

Which of the following defines Halo effect?

Which of the following statements are true?

In Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis:

Which of the following are used as Tools & Techniques in Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis?

Statement of Work is?

Which of the following contract types is best when scope is not well defined?

Sequence to be followed to resolve the dispute is:

Clause in a contract wherein seller is excused from contract term is called:

When the costs have gotten so large that seller runs out of money from contract and starts bearing the costs

As a project manager, you will need to provide weekly status to the stakeholders. So you create the status report and upload it on a shared portal. Which communication method is being used here?

Your project has reached a critical milestone and you sent an email to update everyone involved in this project. Which communication method is being used?

For which of the following, we will need a formal written communication method?

You are working with 6 stakeholders on the project. 1 left the project and 2 more joined the project. How many communication channels changed?

To find a root cause of a complex and sensitive problem, which communication method should be used?

Pick the correct list of project stakeholder?

Project Manager needs to keep satisfied the expectations of those stakeholders in Power/ Interest grid, who have,

Stakeholder Register includes,

Manage Stakeholder Engagement includes?

Competitors are,

Calculate the Expected Monetary Value of the risks. [ failure (probability) ( Impact) ] Break Failure (0.2) (costs $4000) , Tyre Puncture (0.15) (Costs $1200) , Car Breakdown (0.05) (Costs 10000) , Better car model (0.25) (Saves $2000)

Probability & Impact Matrix is used to?

Which of the following are different types Conflict Management Techniques?

project manager is a very good friend of Portfolio Manager for this project. Which type of power are we talking about?

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