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PgMP Combo Package

PgMP Combo Package is a master set for all the PgMP Aspirants. It is a comprehensive combination considering it; would result in the best conceptualization. The combo package is specially designed which includes a unit of Michel Thiry Program Management, PgMP Application Support, and PgMP Mock Exams.

Michel Thiry is a fundamental connection between methodologies and Projects. It offers various ways to oversee gatherings of tasks with a typical business model in an incorporated and successful manner. it emphasizes the requirement for program explicit procedures, in light of an iterative life cycle and administration of numerous stakeholders and their expected Merits. The book is grounded in a vigorous hypothetical structure, supplemented by various contextual analyses. It examines the best hierarchical structures for a program the board and furnishes devices and procedures to manage intricate, impromptu change in an organized way.

PgMP Mock Exams are specially designed keeping in mind the preparation of all PgMP Aspirants. It includes 2 sets of Mock Exams each including 170 Exam Sample questions. Solving these questions and scoring high in these mock Exams would make you gain and boost your confidence; helping you score well during the examination.

PgMP Application support helps the aspirants to grow potentially sound with the procedures of the examinations and many other aspects too such as

  • Filling up the application form
  • Helping out in showing the Experience in PMI format.
  • Review your application
  • Helping you out to book the slot with the PMI.
  • Helping you to pay the fees and schedule your exam with PMI

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